[ han-dee-kapt ]
/ ˈhæn diˌkæpt /


Sometimes Offensive. physically or mentally disabled.
of or designed for handicapped people: handicapped parking.
Sports. (of a competitor) marked by, being under, or having a handicap: a handicapped player.


(used with a plural verb) Sometimes Offensive. handicapped persons collectively (usually preceded by the): increased job opportunities for the handicapped.

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Origin of handicapped

First recorded in 1910–15; handicap + -ed3

Related formsmul·ti·hand·i·capped, adjectivenon·hand·i·capped, adjectiveun·hand·i·capped, adjective

Usage note

See cripple.


[ han-dee-kap ]
/ ˈhæn diˌkæp /


verb (used with object), hand·i·capped, hand·i·cap·ping.

Origin of handicap

1640–50; 1870–75 for def 8; orig. hand i' cap hand in cap, referring to a drawing before a horse race

Related formsnon·hand·i·cap, nouno·ver·hand·i·cap, verb (used with object), o·ver·hand·i·capped, o·ver·hand·i·cap·ping.pre·hand·i·cap, noun, verb (used with object), pre·hand·i·capped, pre·hand·i·cap·ping.

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Examples from the Web for handicapped

  • You are terribly 'handicapped' as the racing people call it.

    Perlycross|R. D. Blackmore

British Dictionary definitions for handicapped


/ (ˈhændɪˌkæpt) /


physically disabled
psychol denoting a person whose social behaviour or emotional reactions are in some way impaired
(of a competitor) assigned a handicap


Nowadays the use of the word handicapped to describe people with disabilities is generally considered inappropriate. It is preferable to refer to someone as having a disability and to talk about people with disabilities


/ (ˈhændɪˌkæp) /


verb -caps, -capping or -capped (tr)

Word Origin for handicap

C17: probably from hand in cap, a lottery game in which players drew forfeits from a cap or deposited money in it

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Word Origin and History for handicapped
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Medicine definitions for handicapped


[ hăndē-kăp′ ]


A physical, mental, or emotional condition that interferes with one's normal functioning.

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