[ han-dee-wurk ]
/ ˈhæn diˌwɜrk /


work done by hand.
the characteristic quality of a particular doer or maker: In all of Mozart's music we discover the handiwork of a genius.
the result of work done by hand: woven mats and other handiwork.

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Origin of handiwork

before 1000; Middle English handiwerk, Old English handgeweorc, variant of handweorc (cognate with German Handwerk). See hand, y-, work

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/ (ˈhændɪˌwɜːk) /


work performed or produced by hand, such as embroidery or pottery
the result of the action or endeavours of a person or thing

Word Origin for handiwork

Old English handgeweorc, from hand + geweorc, from ge- (collective prefix) + weorc work

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Word Origin and History for handiwork



late 12c., from Old English handgeweorc, from hand (n.) + geweorc, collective form of weorc "work" (see work). Old English ge- regularly reduces to i- in Middle English, and the word probably came to be felt as handy + work.

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