[ hang-on, -awn ]

  1. something easily attached to or mounted on another surface or object, as a turbocharger or transceiver in an automobile, a unit suspendable from shelving, or a portable soap dish.

  1. pertaining to or denoting such an attachment: A clumsy hang-on unit supplied the air conditioning.

Origin of hang-on

Noun, adj. use of verb phrase hang on

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How to use hang-on in a sentence

  • The small black syce-and heaven knows how HE had managed to hang on-darted to the heads of the leading mules.

    The Land of Footprints | Stewart Edward White
  • Says it's nothin' but just grit and hang-on that keeps him alive.

    Fair Harbor | Joseph Crosby Lincoln

British Dictionary definitions for hang on

hang on

  1. (adverb) to continue or persist in an activity, esp with effort or difficulty: hang on at your present job until you can get another

  2. (adverb) to cling, grasp, or hold: she hangs on to her mother's arm

  1. (preposition) to be conditioned or contingent on; depend on: everything hangs on this business deal

  2. Also: hang onto, hang upon (preposition) to listen attentively to: she hung on his every word

  3. (adverb) informal to wait or remain: hang on for a few minutes

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hang on to. Cling tightly to something, retain, as in Hang on to those papers before they blow away. [Mid-1800s] Also see hang on to your hat.

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