[ hang-out ]
/ ˈhæŋˌaʊt /
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noun Informal.
a place where people gather for casual socializing or recreation: The pub is an ultracasual hangout, mostly frequented by undergraduates from the local university.
a place that a person frequently visits, especially for socializing or recreation: The record store was one of my favorite neighborhood hangouts when I was a kid.
verb phrase hang out [hang-out] /ˈhæŋ ˈaʊt/ .
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Origin of hangout

An Americanism dating back to 1850–55; noun use of verb phrase hang out
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How to use hangout in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for hangout

hang out

verb (adverb)
to suspend, be suspended, or lean, esp from an opening, as for display or airingto hang out the washing
(intr) informal to live at or frequent a placethe police know where the thieves hang out
(intr foll by with) informal to frequent the company (of someone)
slang to relax completely in an unassuming way (esp in the phrase let it all hang out)
(intr) US informal to act or speak freely, in an open, cooperative, or indiscreet manner
noun hang-out
informal a place where one lives or that one frequently visits
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Other Idioms and Phrases with hangout

hang out


Protrude downward, as in The dog's tongue was hanging out, or The branches hung out over the driveway. [c. 1400]


Display a flag or sign of some kind, as in They hung out the flag on every holiday. [Mid-1500s]


Reside, live, as in I've found a place downtown, and I'll be hanging out there beginning next week. [c. 1800]


Spend one's free time in; also, loiter, pass time idly. For example, They hung out around the pool parlor, or They spent the evening just hanging out. [Slang; mid-1900s]


hang out with. Keep company with, appear in public with, as in She's hanging out with her ex-boyfriend again. [Slang; second half of 1900s] Also see the subsequent idioms beginning with hang out; let it all hang out.

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