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[ hang-out ]


, Informal.
  1. a place where people gather for casual socializing or recreation:

    The pub is an ultracasual hangout, mostly frequented by undergraduates from the local university.

  2. a place that a person frequently visits, especially for socializing or recreation:

    The record store was one of my favorite neighborhood hangouts when I was a kid.

verb phrase

  1. to lean or be suspended through an opening:

    If you hang out the window that far, you're likely to fall right out!

  2. to suspend in open view; display:

    Her family hangs out the flag every day, not just on holidays.

  3. Informal. to frequent a particular place, especially in one's free time:

    We’ve all got friends who would rather hang out at a bookstore with a glass of wine than go clubbing.

  4. Informal. to linger or loiter somewhere:

    We’ve got nothing better to do, so we’ll probably just hang out.

  5. Informal. to spend time with someone:

    I’d love the chance to hang out with some like-minded folks.

  6. Informal. to wait, especially briefly:

    Hang out a minute while I get my backpack.

  7. Slang. to calm down:

    Hang out, Mom, I'm OK.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hangout1

An Americanism dating back to 1850–55; noun use of verb phrase hang out
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Example Sentences

Together with other risk-mitigation strategies, they simply make some lower risk hangouts possible.

From Quartz

Last Friday, John Mueller of Google said in a webmaster hangout video that if your site was negatively impacted by a Google core algorithm update, that you do not need to wait for the next time Google pushes out a core update to recover.

Just south of downtown is the urban hipster hangout, Fountain Square.

There is always something going on at this neighborhood hangout.

Even John Mueller discussed this issue in one of his hangout videos and suggested to deindex thin content.

In Israel, the hippie-hangout of Akhziv Land added its claim to independence to the already-contentious land of Israel.

It also takes place near a minefield of rocks, is a hangout spot for sharks, and breaks on a reef.

“We are aware we do not have capacity within Nigeria to rescue the girls,” she said in the Google Hangout.

They often went to Coney Island, where their usual hangout was Bay 4.

Ali and his friends used to spend hours at the Somali hangout.

Ward Three was the hangout of a cheap gang of hoodlums, numbering some four hundred, who went in for small crimes mostly.

If their spies had identified his former hangout, they'd never expect to have him set up research nearby.

He felt that revealing the general area of his hangout was not giving away too much of his secret.

They saw that it was a hangout that had been used for some time.

It certainly looks as if Santa Cruz is the smugglers hangout.


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