or han·key-pan·key


noun Informal.

unethical behavior; deceit: When the bank teller bought an expensive car and house, they suspected there might be some hanky-panky going on.
illicit sexual relations.

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Also han·ky pank.

Origin of hanky-panky

1835–45; rhyming compound; compare initial h, p of higgledy-piggledy, hocus-pocus, hodgepodge, etc.

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noun informal

dubious or suspicious behaviour
foolish behaviour or talk
illicit sexual relations

Word Origin for hanky-panky

C19: variant of hocus-pocus

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Word Origin and History for hanky-panky



also hanky panky, 1841, "trickery," British slang, possibly a variant of hoky-poky "deception, fraud," altered from hocus-pocus.

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