a member of the royal family that ruled Great Britain under that name from 1714 to 1901.
a former province in NW Germany; now a district in Lower Saxony. 14,944 sq. mi. (38,705 sq. km).
a city in and the capital of Lower Saxony, in N central Germany.
a city in S Pennsylvania.
a town in SE Massachusetts.

German Han·no·ver [hah-noh-vuhr] /hɑˈnoʊ vər/ (for defs 2, 3).
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  • Eventually she came around and when I was 30, she accompanied me to Hannover to confront him in the lobby of the Hotel Luisenhof.

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    I Lived Dylan Farrow’s Story

    Jessica Dawson

    February 3, 2014

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a city in N Germany, capital of Lower Saxony: capital of the kingdom of Hannover (1815–66); situated on the Mittelland canal. Pop: 516 160 (2003 est)English spelling: Hanover




the English spelling of Hannover




a princely house of Germany (1692–1815), the head of which succeeded to the British throne as George I in 1714
the royal house of Britain (1714–1901)
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