[ han-suh, -zuh ]

  1. a company or guild of merchants in a northern European medieval town.

  2. a fee paid to a merchant guild by a new member.

  1. Also called Hansa town, Hansetown. a town that is a member of the Hanseatic League.

Origin of Hansa

<Medieval Latin; replacing Middle English hans, hanze<Middle Low German hanse; cognate with Old English hōs,Old High German, Gothic hansa company

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How to use Hansa in a sentence

  • But Hansa proved herself a merry little maid, who, after all, did not care for such trifles.

  • "We have no room for two girls here," said Olaf, and he gave poor Hansa a very rough push.

  • The Spaniards who had arrived on board the Hansa consisted of nine men and a lad of twelve years of age, named Pablo.

    Off on a Comet | Jules Verne
  • The steelyard was committed to the keeping of Ben Zoof, and the visitors prepared to quit the Hansa.

    Off on a Comet | Jules Verne
  • A quarter of an hour later, the visitors to the Hansa had reassembled in the common hall of Nina's Hive.

    Off on a Comet | Jules Verne