[ han-suhn ]


  1. Duane, 1925–1996, U.S. artist and sculptor.
  2. Howard Harold, 1896–1981, U.S. composer.

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Example Sentences

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, yes we had Spice Girls and Hanson.

The Hanson realized his backpack, which held his prosthetic arm and its attachments, was missing.

Although the prosthetic arm was still missing, Hanson’s spirits rose a bit because replacing the attachments would have added time and expense because it would have required him to work with “four or five companies.”

While the agency’s home base is in New York, where Hanson lives, his people are scattered across the country.

From Digiday

Kristie and Sam were born just 20 months apart and grew up in a soccer-loving family in Hanson, Massachusetts, about 25 miles south of Boston.

Because I never went to drama school, Curtis Hanson was the greatest teacher I ever had.

As Andy Hanson, Hoffman is completely despicable—a far cry from his earlier sad-sack roles—but no less riveting.

And the Zack and Taylor characters are named after the members of Hanson.

In 1998 a British archaeologist, Ian Hanson, and his team started excavating the mass graves at Srebrenica.

Until then, delight in the footage of the day I got drunk with Hanson.

One of the most remarkable has been preserved in the words of one of the victims, Mrs. Elizabeth Hanson.

Mrs. Hanson was weak, yet she had no alternative but to go, or die, and her children were frightened into silence.

Mrs. Hanson was left in his wigwam, and ordered to get in wood; gather nuts, &c.

During the night Mrs. Hanson slept very little, being in momentary expectation that the chief would.

The same state of things occurred very frequently, and Mrs. Hanson was in constant fear of death.


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