[ huhn-oo-mahn, hah-noo-; huhn-oo-mahn, hah-noo- ]

noun,plural han·u·mans for 1.
  1. Also called entellus. a langur, Presbytis (Semnopithecus) entellus, held sacred in India.

  2. (initial capital letter)Hindu Mythology. a monkey chief who is a conspicuous figure in the Ramayana.

Origin of hanuman

1805–15; <Sanskrit hanuman, nominative singular of hanumant

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How to use hanuman in a sentence

  • Having spoken thus, hanuman permitted Bhima to proceed on his way under the protection of Vayu, god of wind.

    Indian Myth and Legend | Donald Alexander Mackenzie
  • hanuman, son of Vayu, the wind god, was made manifest before Bhima.

    Indian Myth and Legend | Donald Alexander Mackenzie

British Dictionary definitions for Hanuman


/ (ˌhʌnʊˈmɑːn) /

  1. (sometimes not capital) another word for entellus

  2. the monkey chief of Hindu mythology and devoted helper of Rama

Origin of Hanuman

from Hindi Hanumān, from Sanskrit hanumant having (conspicuous) jaws, from hanu jaw

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