[ huh-rom ]

    • relating to or noting meat not prepared or animals not slaughtered in the manner prescribed by Islamic law: haram beef and chicken.

    • (of foods, medications, etc.) not fit to eat or use according to Islamic law: Pork and alcoholic beverages are haram.

  1. forbidden to have or do under Islamic law: a haram business that sells wine.

  1. a haram animal or haram meat.

Origin of haram

First recorded in 1795–1805; from Arabic ḥarām “forbidden, unlawful, off-limits,” from ḥarima “to be forbidden”
  • Also ha·raam (for defs. 1-3) .

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How to use haram in a sentence

  • Along with this violent growth, Boko haram has increasingly targeted women.

  • The town itself covers an area of more than 209 acres, of which thirty-five are occupied by the haram-esh-Sherif.

    Cities of the Dawn | J. Ewing Ritchie
  • The next time I went to the haram, a huge mound of earth had arisen before the walled-up archway which he promised to open.

    Palestine | Claude Reignier Conder
  • Such a site for Antonia cannot be reconciled with the theory confining the Temple to a small portion of the haram.

    Palestine | Claude Reignier Conder
  • On Tuesday morning haram resigned the contest; and thus the election terminated in favour of Mr. Shipp, whose majority was 352.

  • While returning through the extensive grounds of the haram, one of the tourists lighted a pipe.

    A Trip to the Orient | Robert Urie Jacob

British Dictionary definitions for haram


/ (ˈhɑːˌrɑːm) /

  1. anything that is forbidden by Islamic law

Origin of haram

from Arabic, literally: forbidden

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