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hard as nails

Unyielding, callous, unsympathetic, as in Don't ask her for a contribution—she's hard as nails. This expression has replaced the 14th-century simile hard as flint stone and presumably alludes to the rigidity of nails.

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crass, unresponsive, unkind, heartless, uncaring, firm, heavy, vigorous, secure, tough, capable, solid, big, forceful, able, steady, tenacious, athletic, substantial, stable

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Historical Examples of hard as nails

  • How she come to be related to that hard-as-nails Joe Stagg is a puzzler.

    Carolyn of the Corners

    Ruth Belmore Endicott

  • "Hard-as-nails" the girls sometimes called her, for she coddled nobody and expected the utmost from each one's capacity.