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hard case



  1. a rough, hard-bitten person.



[ hahrd-keys ]


  1. rough and hard-bitten:

    hard-case juvenile delinquents.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hard case1

An Americanism dating back to 1830–40

Origin of hard case2

First recorded in 1915–20

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Example Sentences

All boots purchased will be packaged in limited-edition branded hard cases that can be reused for travel or storage.

From Digiday

The Classic JR is a great medium-sized offering from Pedaltrain that comes with either a soft case or a hard case and sports 216 square inches of surface area for your pedals.

There’s a cell-phone extraction machine in the back corner, and several drones stacked in hard cases.

For every "hard case" he relied on the springing up in every union of intelligently directed private charity.

After dinner a humorous old hard case mysteriously took us aside and said he had a good yarn which we might be able to work up.

I don't believe there are a dozen fellows on board who wouldn't think it a hard case if they had to leave.

Donald smiled to himself at the thought of the hard-case Bluenose mate having a penchant for chocolate “fudge.”

The Master said, When all day long there is no talk of right, and little wiles find favour, the company is in hard case.





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