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hard time


  1. a period of difficulties or hardship.
  2. Slang. time actually served in a prison or other penal institution:

    He had merely been fined before, but now was sentenced to 90 days' hard time in the county jail.

  3. give a hard time, Informal. to bother, annoy, or harass:

    He gave me a hard time about the money I owe him.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hard time1

First recorded in 1905–10

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Example Sentences

“I have a hard time grasping how this was fatal for Tiffany and for me it felt like a bad sinus infection,” Castelo said.

A trade with the Bears could include former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, although Philadelphia might have a hard time fitting him under the salary cap.

The thing is that my boyfriend’s friend is going through a hard time.

That means those towns also will have a hard time getting taxpayers off the hook for any established benefits, even when a contract expires, unless the police union agrees to the change, an expert said.

Women have a particularly hard time guiding such perceptions -- the amount of time and effort that it takes to be seen as a legitimate and credible product CEO makes it nearly impossible to change course.

For years, Cuomo gave me a hard time every time we crossed paths about whether I had cuffs or pleats.

Ivgy herself formed a special attachment to Zohar and says she “had a really hard time” once shooting wrapped.

Even the most enterprising toddler would have a hard time swallowing one.

I think audience members will have a hard time resisting her charm.

“I think millennials staying home and socializing on the Internet is a real factor in bars having a hard time,” he says.

I had a hard time keeping him away from the herd, and despite all my urging, he ran right into the river.

I had a hard time among them, and was satisfied that they intended to execute me.

That might come later, but Jacob was now in the midst of his troubles, and was having a hard time.

But it came to pass on the day before the wedding that all men knew thereof in stern truth, and that was a hard time for many.

Percy's regiment, the Scots Greys, are in the trenches at present having a hard time.





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