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  1. (of a person) industrious; diligent

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Example Sentences

“Edwin Morris Kocurek is a hard-working and loyal employee,” said his first evaluation, obtained through an open-records request.

Superman is America in that he was created by hard-working, exploited immigrants.

“There are a lot of really hard-working, blue-collar people on this train,” she says.

Super dedicated and hard working, they represent the best of America in a city where the Statue of Liberty beckons.

Even supermodel of all supermodels Naomi Campbell has talked about Hadid, describing her as “hard-working.”

But Nell was something between a daughter and a wife to the hard working Doctor Stanley.

Adamov was a typical scholar of the hard-working kind, yet at the same time he had sthetic aspirations and tastes.

She is, no doubt, utterly unaware of the real identity of this brisk, hard-working doctor.

And now we are old, sensible, hard-working people; having given up all nonsense we are discovering the sense there is in sense.

These privations fell especially hard upon those hard-working and much-enduring men, called camp-followers.