/ ˈhɑːdˌkɔː /


  1. a style of rock music characterized by short fast numbers with minimal melody and aggressive delivery
  2. a type of dance music with a very fast beat

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Example Sentences

The deeper you get, the more hardcore the acts, both physically and psychologically.

But the Playboy Playmate and hardcore animal-rights activist has long been a major-league advocate for the State of Israel.

But that is of most interest either to hardcore Democrats or to non-voters clinging to the bottom of the economy.

Anyone who had any doubts about his seriousness soon lost them because it was clear that Peter was hardcore.

In his younger days, Bennett killed fascists, became a hardcore anti-war liberal, and fought for civil rights.

After me, she was hands-down the most hardcore player in our group.

She wondered if “a few hardcore geeks” summed up the total audience for this project in any event.

Some of the real hardcore can get up to a million or so, twenty times hotter than Tabasco.