/ (ˈhɑːdənˌbɜːɡ) /


Fürst Karl (August) von. 1750–1822, Prussian statesman: foreign minister (1804–06): prime minister (1807; 1810–22). His reforms enabled Prussia to break away from Napoleonic control in 1813
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Examples from the Web for hardenburg

  • Between them and with Hardenburg as Minister, Prussia may yet be saved.

    Two Royal Foes|Eva Madden
  • No one would publish the Hardenburg account, because as a book it might not have been a paying venture.

  • It was about this time that Napoleon permitted Minister Hardenburg to return to his duties.

    Two Royal Foes|Eva Madden
  • This was denied by Hardenburg, and by Truth on Hardenburgs account.