[ hahr-dn ]


  1. John Wesley, 1853–95, U.S. outlaw in the West.

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The year before, Hardin was told her son died after what Lousianna State Troopers described as a high-speed chase by law enforcement and a crash.

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Hardin says she raised her family on the gospel of color-blind living, but has abandoned that philosophy as too dangerous.

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Hardin said the days were especially hard on Makayla, who had gone through a risky pregnancy — prompting them to name the baby Moxxon after joking that their newborn had a lot of moxie.

Hardin, in a brief phone interview Wednesday, disputed the veracity of some of Buzbee’s remarks but declined to get into specifics, citing a wave of legal filings he plans to make next week.

“There are many inaccuracies in what Tony has said, but I would rather address them in court filings than in an article,” Hardin said.

Two months after the agreement, Vogue China utilized then 15-year-old Ondria Hardin.

“It is a sigh of relief she has been found,” said J.D. Hardin, a communications specialist with the Henry County School System.

At just 16 years old, model Ondria Hardin has already seen her fair share of scandal.

Sixteen-year-old Caucasian model Ondria Hardin poses as an “African Queen” in a controversial new spread for Numéro magazine.

But unlike many underage models on the runway, Hardin is American.

It would give Hardin a great start, and perhaps use me up, if the Whig papers of the district should nominate him for Congress.

But Hardin was the aspirant from the neighboring county of Morgan, and apparently therefore not included in this arrangement.

To this, he received a reply that this supporter had, in fact, nominated Hardin for governor.

"That is on the Hardin road," she said, trying to fix the direction.

Jimmy Faxon had little Emmy Hardin helping him through the hours when the pressure was greatest and the customers came fastest.