[ hahr-ding ]


  1. Chester, 1792–1866, U.S. portrait painter.
  2. Florence Mabel King, 1860–1924, U.S. First Lady 1921–23 (wife of Warren G. Harding).
  3. Warren G(amaliel), 1865–1923, 29th president of the U.S. 1921–23.
  4. a male given name.


/ ˈhɑːdɪŋ /


  1. HardingWarren G(amaliel)18651923MUSPOLITICS: head of state Warren G ( amaliel ). 1865–1923, 29th president of the US (1921–23)

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Example Sentences

The country was riveted as witness after witness with close ties to the Harding administration were called to take the stand before the Senate inquiry.

Harding reiterated the industry’s belief that shut-off switches alone would eliminate 99% of deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning, and disputed the agency’s conclusion that too few companies had adopted the safety measure.

She argued that the media vilified Harding for being poor in a sport made for the rich, being a victim of abuse who didn’t leave her abuser, and being athletic at a time when skating valued grace over power.

From Time

Harding said the group conducted “an incredible amount of real-world testing” before determining that automatic shut-off switches — rather than reduced CO emissions — were the best way to protect consumers.

Harding said that, in recent years, smaller clients have actually begun to see their digital ad revenues decline, with last year’s coronavirus shock delivering the toughest blow yet.

From Digiday

"Both have their own strengths and weaknesses," Harding wrote.

Later, the White House passed from McKinley to Theodore Roosevelt to Taft, and then from Harding to Coolidge to Hoover.

This editor gave me a couple of books on Harding when I was about 13, so he was my first president, if you will.

Harding is something like an Eisenhower—very admired at the time of his presidency.

It quickly becomes way too apparent that this is not a scenic romantic vista, but rather code for Harding's own nether regions.

And it was at this season that the fjord near-by which the kings most oft abode gat its name of Harding.

“That is a fast boat, and we can never catch her in plain sailing,” said Allan Harding.

Miss Gordon came the next morning, Mr. Harding with her; and the four sat out under the trees and talked.

Whereupon Mr. Harding proceeded with all gravity to correct his misapprehension of this legend.

She would tell Thyrsis about it at great length, and so, of course, he had to change his ideas about Mr. Harding.


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