[ hahrd-wik ]


  1. Elizabeth, 1916–2007, U.S. novelist and critic.

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Example Sentences

Hardwick’s family received a $1 million settlement from the federal government.

Sixth place goes to Bill Simmons, seventh to Chris Hardwick, eighth to Erin Andrews, and ninth to George Stephanopoulos.

The Bowers case began when 29-year-old Michael Hardwick missed a court appearance for a petty offense of public drinking.

Call out those superficial minds when you spot them—Hardwick herself was fearless in that way.

Reminiscences from the 1980s are filled with references to Elizabeth Hardwick.

The debate having been adjourned, was resumed by the Earls of Hardwick and Carnarvon, who supported the bill.

Mary was placed in the charge of Shrewsbury and his termagant spouse, Bess of Hardwick.

Hardwick muttered something under his breath, not at all complimentary to his employer.

Then Hardwick began to move slowly up Broadway, casting sharp glances to his right and left.

"I'll wager he's going to the same place Hardwick visited the other night," exclaimed Hal to himself.





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