[ hair-bel ]

  1. a low plant, Campanula rotundifolia, of the bellflower family, having narrow leaves and blue, bell-shaped flowers.

  2. a plant, Endymion nonscriptus, of the lily family, having long, one-sided clusters of bell-shaped flowers.

Origin of harebell

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at hare, bell1

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How to use harebell in a sentence

  • Her long-lashed, harebell blue eyes seemed to have widened and grown lovelier in their innocent look.

  • An Alpine harebell is as different from an oleander as I am from a natural-born artist.

    Rough-Hewn | Dorothy Canfield
  • She made me think of a harebell growing all by itself in a rocky place, with stubbly grass about and a wide sky overhead.

    Lotus Buds | Amy Carmichael
  • They repeated many of the things they had said on the previous day, and towards evening they found another flower, a harebell.

    Tales of Space and Time | Herbert George Wells
  • Often they make a dainty meal off the blossoms of the fringed blue gentian, the mariposa lily, and the harebell.

British Dictionary definitions for harebell


/ (ˈhɛəˌbɛl) /

  1. a N temperate campanulaceous plant, Campanula rotundifolia, having slender stems and leaves, and bell-shaped pale blue flowers: Also called (in Scotland): bluebell

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