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  1. any plant of the genus Phaseolus, especially P. vulgaris, the kidney bean.
  2. the seed or unripe pod of any of these plants, eaten as a vegetable.
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Origin of haricot1

1605–15; < French, earlier feve d'aricot., perhaps ultimately < Nahuatl ayacohtli, ayecohtli bean, but influenced by haricot stew (see haricot2), in which such beans can be an ingredient


  1. a stew of lamb or mutton with turnips and potatoes.
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Also halicot.

Origin of haricot2

1605–15; < French; Middle French hericot (de mouton), probably noun derivative (perhaps influenced by écot lopped branch) of Old French harigoter to tear into scraps, perhaps derivative, with v. suffix -oter, of Old Low Franconian *hariôn to fight, make war on (see harry)
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Historical Examples

  • The dinner was composed of soup made of everything, and of veal with haricot beans.

    My Double Life

    Sarah Bernhardt

  • These, as well as haricot beans, may be boiled with a piece of bacon.

  • A bag of beans, of the variety known as "haricot," is the next candidate.

    A Labrador Doctor

    Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

  • Next in usefulness to the haricot bean comes the German lentil.

  • When tender, mix with the haricot beans, and serve with sippets of toast.

British Dictionary definitions for haricot


  1. a variety of French bean with light-coloured edible seeds, which can be dried and stored
  2. another name for French bean
  3. the seed or pod of any of these plants, eaten as a vegetable
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Word Origin

C17: from French, perhaps from Nahuatl ayecotli
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