[ hahr-muh-nahyz ]
/ ˈhɑr məˌnaɪz /

verb (used with object), har·mo·nized, har·mo·niz·ing.

to bring into harmony, accord, or agreement: to harmonize one's views with the new situation.
Music. to accompany with appropriate harmony.

verb (used without object), har·mo·nized, har·mo·niz·ing.

to be in agreement in action, sense, or feeling: Though of different political parties, all the delegates harmonized on civil rights.
to sing in harmony.

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Also especially British, har·mo·nise.

Origin of harmonize

1475–85; earlier armonise < Middle French harmoniser. See harmony, -ize

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/ (ˌhɑːmənaɪˈzeɪʃən) /


the act of harmonizing
a system, particularly used in the EU, whereby the blue-collar workers and the white-collar workers in an organization have similar status and any former differences in terms and conditions of employment are levelled up



/ (ˈhɑːməˌnaɪz) /


to make or become harmonious
(tr) music to provide a harmony for (a melody, tune, etc)
(intr) to sing in harmony, as with other singers
to collate parallel narratives
Derived Formsharmonizable or harmonisable, adjective

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