/ (ˈhɑːməˌnaɪzə) /

  1. a person skilled in the theory of composition of harmony

  2. a device that electronically duplicates a signal at a different pitch or different pitches

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How to use harmonizer in a sentence

  • It is now extolled by its members as "the cement of faiths," "the harmonizer of religions."

  • Government is thus the great social harmonizer of these otherwise necessarily conflicting and mutually interfering human energies.

  • Love is the great disciplinarian, the supreme harmonizer, the true peacemaker.

    The Victorious Attitude | Orison Swett Marden
  • Theosophy, as a harmonizer of faiths, is not likely to accomplish much that will be permanently good.

  • Lincoln's whole nature inclined him to be a harmonizer of conflicting parties, rather than a committed combatant on either side.

    Men of Our Times | Harriet Beecher Stowe