[hahr-kwuh-buh s]

noun, plural har·que·bus·es.

any of several small-caliber long guns operated by a matchlock or wheel-lock mechanism, dating from about 1400.

Also har·que·buse, har·que·buss, arquebus.

Origin of harquebus

1525–35; < Middle French harquebusche (with intrusive -r-) < Middle Dutch hākebusse, equivalent to hāke hook + busse gun (literally, box) < Late Latin buxis for Latin buxus box1
Also called hackbut, hagbut.
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Examples from the Web for harquebus

Historical Examples of harquebus

  • Of these weapons there were two sorts, the musket and the harquebus.

  • For that we might have trouble, four harquebus men and four crossbows were going.


    Mary Johnston

  • Here's a fine blade, now, and a musket—give me a harquebus; I could shoot once, but my arm is all of a wamble now.

  • Well, a lot of Terrans in the Year Zero had never seen a suit of armor, or an harquebus, or even a tinder box or a spinning wheel.


    H. Beam Piper

  • Lupin thought of the Sire de Tancarville and the sentry who had killed him with a shot from his harquebus.

    The Crystal Stopper

    Maurice LeBlanc

British Dictionary definitions for harquebus


noun plural -buses

a variant of arquebus
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