[ har-ee-uh t ]
/ ˈhær i ət /


a female given name, form of Harry.
Also Har·ri·ette, Har·ri·et·ta [har-ee-et-uh] /ˌhær iˈɛt ə/.
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fem. proper name, the English equivalent of French Henriette, fem. diminutive of Harry.

We think that gentlemen lose a particle of their respect for young ladies who allow their names to be abbreviated into such cognomens as Kate, Madge, Bess, Nell, &c. Surely it is more lady-like to be called Catharine, Margaret, Eliza, or Ellen. We have heard the beautiful name Virginia degraded into Jinny; and Harriet called Hatty, or even Hadge. [Eliza Leslie, "Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book," Philadelphia, 1839]
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