[ hahr-tuh-beest, hahrt-beest ]
/ ˈhɑr təˌbist, ˈhɑrtˌbist /
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noun, plural har·te·beests, (especially collectively) har·te·beest.
any large African antelope of the genus Alcelaphus, having ringed horns that curve backward: some species are endangered.
any of several related African antelopes, as certain species of the genus Damaliscus.
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Origin of hartebeest

From Afrikaans, dating back to 1780–90; see origin at hart, beast

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hartbeest (ˈhɑːtˌbiːst)

/ (ˈhɑːtɪˌbiːst) /

either of two large African antelopes, Alcelaphus buselaphus or A. lichtensteini, having an elongated muzzle, lyre-shaped horns, and a fawn-coloured coat
any similar and related animal, such as Damaliscus hunteri (Hunter's hartebeest)

Word Origin for hartebeest

C18: via Afrikaans from Dutch; see hart, beast
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