or Has·san

[ hah-suhn, ha-san ]


  1. al-Hasan, a.d. 624?–669?, Arabian caliph: son of Ali and Fatima (brother of Hussein).

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Example Sentences

On Tuesday, after the interview was conducted, Hasan announced that he was stepping down as CEO, with his last day on April 4.

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Hasan’s departure comes as Kickstarter is hosting its most-funded project ever.

From Time

I agree that if you weren’t the one reacting to her stream, it would have been xQc or Hasan or likely all three of you at the same time fighting for a clip.

Hasan Elahi fell in love with country music almost as soon as he immigrated to New York City from Bangladesh when he was 7.

She had survived to help ensure Hasan was convicted and sentenced to death.

Kimberly Munley was shot three times taking down Nidal Hasan in 2009.

Munley said that Todd then fired the shot that brought Hasan down and paralyzed him.

He bought the weapon at Guns Galore, a local Killeen gun shop where Hasan purchased one of the guns used in his 2009 attack.

Hasan, brought up in this atmosphere of duplicity, was therefore well fitted to play the Machiavellian rôle of an Ismaili Dai.

This wood is the means by which the alchemy is performed; and having gathered up the bundles the Magian leaves Hasan to his fate.

Even in the true Hasan of Bassorah type, the magical change does not always occur.

The lady may, like Hasan's bride, be held to belong to a superior race to men, though properly in human form.

In the same way Hasan's bride could not herself go to the chest and get her feather-dress.





HasaHasan al-Basri