/ (hɑˈʃɛm) /

  1. Judaism a periphrastic way of referring to God in contexts other than prayer, scriptural reading, etc because the name itself is considered too holy for such use

Origin of HaShem

from Hebrew, literally: The Name

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How to use HaShem in a sentence

  • At the bottom of the hill we rested for a few minutes, and drank tea at the caravanserai of the Imam Zadeh HaShem.

  • It was a kind of feature in the HaShem family, this black swelling vein in the brow; Mahomet had it prominent, as would appear.

  • He was of the family of HaShem, of the Koreish tribe as we said; though poor, connected with the chief persons of his country.

  • The signs point to hard times, and the advice of one who HaShem!a certain amount of business experience may not come amiss.

    The Boss of Wind River | David Goodger (goodger@python.org)
  • Reversed, this apprehension produced the concept of the Chillul HaShem, "the profanation of the Name."

    Chosen Peoples | Israel Zangwill