[ hah-sid; Ashkenazic Hebrew khaw-sid; Sephardic Hebrew khah-seed ]

noun,plural Ha·sid·im [hah-sid-im, huh-; Ashkenazic Hebrew khaw-see-dim; Sephardic Hebrew khah-see-deem]. /hɑˈsɪd ɪm, hə-; Ashkenazic Hebrew xɔˈsi dɪm; Sephardic Hebrew xɑ siˈdim/. Judaism.
  1. a member of a sect founded in Poland in the 18th century by Baal Shem-Tov and characterized by its emphasis on mysticism, prayer, ritual strictness, religious zeal, and joy.: Compare Mitnagged.

Origin of Hasid

From the Hebrew word ḥāsīd “pious (person)”

Other words from Hasid

  • Ha·sid·ic [hah-sid-ik, huh-], /hɑˈsɪd ɪk, hə-/, adjective

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