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  1. a clasp for a door, lid, etc., especially one passing over a staple and fastened by a pin or a padlock.

verb (used with object)
  1. to fasten with or as with a hasp.

Origin of hasp

before 1000; Middle English; Old English hæsp, hæpse; cognate with German Haspe hasp; akin to Dutch haspel reel, Old Norse hespa skein, hasp

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How to use hasp in a sentence

  • Shortly after, Jemmy saw the pig go to the gate, but in lifting it off the hasp the scythe-blade cut the end of the Snout off.

  • It was the newest of the books, and evidently an attempt had been made to force the lock, for the hasp was badly wrenched.

    The Daffodil Mystery | Edgar Wallace
  • Feeling around in the dark he found a hasp and staple and pulled out the plug which fastened the barrier.

    The Boy Land Boomer | Ralph Bonehill
  • So noiseless was it that Muller could almost have believed his eyes had deceived him until he heard the hasp rattle.

    The Cattle-Baron's Daughter | Harold Bindloss
  • He only hoped that the staples at either end of the hasp were clinched.

    Fast Nine | Alan Douglas

British Dictionary definitions for hasp


/ (hɑːsp) /

  1. a metal fastening consisting of a hinged strap with a slot that fits over a staple and is secured by a pin, bolt, or padlock

  1. (tr) to secure (a door, window, etc) with a hasp

Origin of hasp

Old English hæpse; related to Old Norse hespa, Old High German haspa hasp, Dutch haspel reel, Sanskrit capa bow

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