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c.1400, haute, "high in one's own estimation, haughty," from Old French haut (11c.) "main, principal; proud, noble, dignified; eminent; loud; grand," literally "high," from Latin altus "high" (see old); with initial h- by influence of Frankish hoh "high." Spelling altered 16c. by influence of caught, naught, etc.

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Historical Examples

  • In this place it ought to be understood as "was haught among the men."

    A Select Collection of Old English Plays

    Robert Dodsley

  • He was the only dog Haught ever had that would herd the pigs.

  • He had no fear of a bear, for which reason Haught did not like to run him.

  • "Hello Haught," was my greeting, as I dismounted and pulled out my watch.

  • I expected of course that Haught would dismount, and take me to hunt on foot.