or halm

[ hawm ]
/ hɔm /


stems or stalks collectively, as of grain or of peas, beans, or hops, especially as used for litter or thatching.
a single stem or stalk.

Origin of haulm

First recorded before 900; Middle English halm, Old English healm; cognate with Dutch, German halm, Old Norse halmr; akin to Latin culmus “stalk,” Greek kálamos “reed”
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/ (hɔːm) /


the stems or stalks of beans, peas, potatoes, grasses, etc, collectively, as used for thatching, bedding, etc
a single stem of such a plant

Word Origin for haulm

Old English healm; related to Old Norse halmr, Old High German halm stem, straw, Latin culmus stalk, Greek kalamos reed, Old Slavonic slama straw
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