[ hawnch, hahnch ]
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  1. the hip.

  2. the fleshy part of the body about the hip.

  1. a hindquarter of an animal.

  2. the leg and loin of an animal, used for food.

  3. Architecture.

    • either side of an arch, extending from the vertex or crown to the impost.

    • the part of a beam projecting below a floor or roof slab.

Origin of haunch

1150–1200; Middle English haunche<Old French hanche<Germanic; compare Middle Dutch hanke haunch, hip, German Hanke haunch

Other words from haunch

  • haunched, adjective
  • haunchless, adjective

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How to use haunch in a sentence

  • But Frederick seized the horse by the bridle, and with a violent jerk forced the animal back upon its haunches.

  • Charley's horse fell back upon his haunches;—there was giant might in the hand that reined him;—an inch nearer, and she was lost!

    Alone | Marion Harland

British Dictionary definitions for haunch


/ (hɔːntʃ) /

  1. the human hip or fleshy hindquarter of an animal, esp a horse or similar quadruped

  2. the leg and loin of an animal, used for food: a haunch of venison

  1. Also called: hance architect the part of an arch between the impost and the apex

Origin of haunch

C13: from Old French hanche; related to Spanish, Italian anca, of Germanic origin; compare Low German hanke

Derived forms of haunch

  • haunched, adjective

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