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  1. El·wood [el, -w, oo, d], 1857–1925, U.S. inventor.

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Example Sentences

How the senator came to occupy Haynes’s life for the last month and a half is just one of the many stories that have grown from that inauguration image.

It doesn’t identify Haynes as the maker of those dolls or explain the significance of that child-size vehicle to her family.

Haynes used to live in Northern Virginia but no longer does.

There are more than 50 characters in the novel, but, mercifully, Haynes provides us with an easily referenced list.

Crews who manage the telescope had plans to repair the cable, Haynes said.

I know Rene Haynes, the casting director, and I hooked up Alex and Andrew with Rene.

What was the point of Outfest when you could see the next Todd Haynes movie in the multiplex?

Neither Haynes nor Daniels was able to hail a cab at the airport to take them down to the city.

Haynes had been a civil rights pioneer as one of the first two African-Americans to play college football in Texas in 1956.

Haynes did say he thought all the players were “kind of marked,” but none of them were blackballed.

Haynes & Company have the largest clothing house in Massachusetts, out of Boston.

Papa Haynes laughed at these things; but when Weezy learned to open his writing-desk he looked grave.

After the war I tried to contact Bill Haynes to see if he had any, but was not able to find his correct address.

Miss Haynes's grief resumed its sway, but eventually relaxed so far as to permit of her taking some breakfast.

Here Dr. Haynes, already a mature man, took up his abode with his sister in the year 1810.





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