[ hah-vuh-soo-pahy ]

noun,plural Ha·va·su·pais, (especially collectively) Ha·va·su·pai for 1.
  1. a member of a small tribe of nomadic North American Indians now living in Arizona.

  2. the Yuman language of the Havasupai.

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How to use Havasupai in a sentence

  • It might be the ears of Havasupai were getting old, and he did not hear as keenly as could a young warrior.

  • But what could old Havasupai be doing down here among the rustlers, when we left him headed back for his village?

  • So Havasupai too leave camp, and start walk many miles to tell Frank, Bob, look out before blow it fall.

  • It struck me that Havasupai must imagine the girl is being badly treated, and he wants to recover her again.

  • Havasupai wants to say something, Bob, and asked me to stop, was the way the prairie boy accounted for his sudden change of mind.