[ hey-verz ]

interjectionChiefly Scot.
  1. nonsense; poppycock.

Origin of havers

Plural of haver nonsense, akin to haver

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How to use havers in a sentence

  • Dior, like most of the breakup sex-havers we spoke with for this story, requested we do not publish her last name.

  • havers, lassie, ye're aye seein' Bobby i' ilka Hielan' terrier, an' there's mony o' them aboot.

    Greyfriars Bobby | Eleanor Atkinson
  • "Lay him down flat and stop your havers," ordered the business-like, embryo medicine man.

    Greyfriars Bobby | Eleanor Atkinson
  • The fair girl who is leaning back, laughing, now, is Elsie havers.

    The Black Box | E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • Dickson at first refused, declaring it was all havers, but Heritage's docility persuaded him to follow suit.

    Huntingtower | John Buchan
  • Troth, to-morrow's a Sunday, an' not to be disturbed o' none such havers.

    Reels and Spindles | Evelyn Raymond