[ hawk-weed ]

  1. any composite plant of the genus Hieracium, usually bearing yellow flowers.

  2. any of various related plants.

Origin of hawkweed

1555–65; translation of New Latin, Latin hierācium<Greek hierāk, stem of hiérāx hawk + Latin -ium-ium; see weed1

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How to use hawkweed in a sentence

  • I have since learned that the plant is Hieracium aurantiacum from Europe, a kind of hawkweed.

    Riverby | John Burroughs
  • The heath glittered in the sun, the withered hawkweed crackled at his feet, a warm wind blew softly towards him.

    Dame Care | Hermann Sudermann
  • One species at least is a common wayside flower, and this is the Shrubby hawkweed (H. boreale).

    Field and Woodland Plants | William S. Furneaux
  • For the same reason I had rather say “hawkweed” than “hieracium”; the homelier word has more of kindly friendship.

  • My two exceptions shall be John-go-to-bed-at-noon and the hairy hawkweed, both of them common English meadow-plants.

    Science in Arcady | Grant Allen

British Dictionary definitions for hawkweed


/ (ˈhɔːkˌwiːd) /

  1. any typically hairy plant of the genus Hieracium, with clusters of dandelion-like flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)

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