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  1. Will (Harrison), 1879–1954, U.S. lawyer, politician, and official of the motion-picture industry.
  2. a city in central Kansas.

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Example Sentences

“AGLA is not endorsing any of the candidates you heard today,” Hays told the gathering in closing remarks, noting that it is a nonpartisan group.

Hays and Anthony Santander, who walked, scored on a double by rookie Ramón Urías — who has been just as successful as Mountcastle, albeit in a limited role.

But the bigger reason Senator Hays is pushing for this law is because of Islam.

Hopefully, the members of the Florida House, Democrats and Republicans alike, will reject Senator Hays' proposed legislation.

Well these Muslim book bashers found a perfect friend in Senator Hays.

After all, for the past four years Hays has introduced legislation to ban sharia law in Florida courts.

Like a gangster shooting in a Hays Code era motion picture, the inhale and the exhale are shown in separate shots.

General Alexis Hays, in the front line, finding that he was outnumbered, sent word to Hancock that he must have reinforcements.

Hays's division lay behind a stone wall, and a small grove of shrub-oaks.

Fort Hays was just beyond the line of the most advanced settlements, and was then the terminus of the Kansas-Pacific railroad.

The little ones were there with Mrs. Hays, and they excitedly welcomed this variation in their day's programme.

He is chiefly remembered because of the Hays-Hawley correspondence in 1874.





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