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[ hed-geer ]


  1. any covering for the head, heads, especially a hat, cap, bonnet, etc.
  2. a protective covering for the head, heads, as a steel helmet or football helmet.
  3. the parts of a harness about the animal's head. heads.
  4. Orthodontics Informal. a device worn on the head heads and attached by wires and elastic bands to braces in the mouth, used to create backward tension in the process of repositioning protruding teeth.
  5. Mining. a headframe and its machinery.


/ ˈhɛdˌɡɪə /


  1. any head covering, esp a hat
  2. any part of a horse's harness that is worn on the head
  3. the hoisting mechanism at the pithead of a mine

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Word History and Origins

Origin of headgear1

First recorded in 1530–40; head + gear

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Example Sentences

While the headgear can burden a flying insect, long eyestalks may give flies some swagger.

As a fan of the film Spaceballs, I feel that the strange headgear is the closest our sport will ever get to aping Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet.

The ER20XS’ low-profile, stemless design fits snugly in the outer ear without protruding, for a discreet look and comfort under headgear.

The prevailing color is pink; the headgear: red bows and ears; the guests: super giddy.

Perry, for his part, wore no headgear that might detract from his wonderful hair.

British tradition dictates that the posher you are, the more eccentric the headgear.

Princess Eugenie's sculptural piece by Philip Treacy, Victoria Beckham's pillbox, and more over-the-top headgear from the wedding!

But will her designer headgear hold a feather to the famous collection of her future grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II?

Her knowledge of native headgear was not extensive, so this measure of extra security did not surprise her.

He pulled off his damaged headgear and, gazing ruefully at it exclaimed: "A blame good hat spoiled; but my head is safe."

The Viscayan bóina has been lately introduced into the French army as the headgear of the Chasseurs and some other regiments.

She had removed her damaged straw headgear, but still wore her kerchief.

The bride often keeps on her head a white headgear called "boshi" until the end of the first part of the ceremony.


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