[ hed-ing ]
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  1. something that serves as a head, top, or front.

  2. a title or caption of a page, chapter, etc.

  1. a section of the subject of a discourse; a main division of a topic or theme.

  2. the compass direction toward which a traveler or vehicle is or should be moving; course.

  3. an active underground mining excavation in the earth, as a drift or raise being or about to be driven.

  4. Aeronautics. the angle between the axis from front to rear of an aircraft and some reference line, as magnetic north.

Origin of heading

First recorded in 1250–1300, heading is from the Middle English word hefding.See head, -ing1

Other words from heading

  • non·head·ing, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for heading


/ (ˈhɛdɪŋ) /

  1. a title for a page, paragraph, chapter, etc

  2. a main division, as of a lecture, speech, essay, etc

  1. mining

    • a horizontal tunnel

    • the end of such a tunnel

  2. the angle between the direction of an aircraft and a specified meridian, often due north

  3. the compass direction parallel to the keel of a vessel

  4. the act of heading

  5. anything that serves as a head

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