[ hed-lis ]


  1. without a head.
  2. having the head cut off; beheaded.
  3. having no leader or chief; leaderless.
  4. foolish; stupid:

    a headless argument.


/ ˈhɛdlɪs /


  1. without a head
  2. without a leader
  3. foolish or stupid
  4. prosody another word for catalectic

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Other Words From

  • headless·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of headless1

before 1000; Middle English he ( ve ) dles, Old English hēafodlēas. See head, -less

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Example Sentences

After attaching to a host, however, the crustacean “regresses” into an amorphous, headless blob, sapping nutrition from their host like the wirehead plugs into current.

He cuts off the Knight’s head, which the headless Knight then lifts so that it can address the company gathered.

From Vox

No need to adjust your drone before flight, either, thanks to the headless mode that can take flight from anywhere.

Many believe headless can deliver SEO benefits like user experience, performance and security — depending on how it’s implemented, of course.

If a headless worm can regrow a memory, then where is the memory stored, McConnell wondered.

Yes, our phone screens may be filled with headless torsos and “looking?”

IS celebrated the assaults by posting online photos of headless bodies that the group claimed were soldiers killed in the attacks.

A few days after this fateful visit, each visionary reported seeing images of rivers of blood and headless corpses.

In the pilot, Brooks proves himself to be the lamest cop of all time by agreeing to lead the headless horseman to his head.

Naturally, the headless horseman is really the first horseman of the apocalypse.

He left the arabyieh at the western entrance and went on foot down the avenue of headless rams.

The ax was to sever the head from the lifeless body, and all the headless trunks were to be interred together.

Whilst this was being done two coffins were found, and in them there were discovered two headless bodies.

I put the good nails into kegs, and the headless nails and splinters were sent back to be melted into window weights.

King Solomon sat headless on his throne of judgment, and the hands of the wicked elders had long since mouldered away.





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