/ (ˈhɛdˌfəʊnz) /

pl n
  1. an electrical device consisting of two earphones held in position by a flexible metallic strap passing over the head: Informal name: cans

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How to use headphones in a sentence

  • As his watch told him that Tom must be nearing the bottom he seated himself by the switchboard, headphones clamped over his ears.

  • He reached for the com key and a second later tore the headphones from his appalled ears.

    Plague Ship | Andre Norton
  • They had brought the two-step amplifier and proposed to use that for most of their listening in, rather than the headphones.

  • He took off his headphones and clamped them on to the phonograph that stood on a table near by.

  • Inside his flying helmet, the doctor wore a pair of headphones which were connected to a box on the floor before him.