[ hed-rahyt ]

  1. Law. a beneficial interest for each member of an Indian tribe in the tribal trust fund accruing from the lease of tribal oil, gas, and mineral rights, the sale of tribal lands, etc.

  2. American History. a grant of land, usually 50 acres to a settler, given by certain colonies and companies in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Origin of headright

An Americanism dating back to 1695–1705; head + right

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How to use headright in a sentence

  • It is not conclusively proved, then, that a certain person came as a servant merely because he is listed as a headright.

    The Planters of Colonial Virginia | Thomas J. Wertenbaker
  • The meaning of "headright" was that any person who paid his own way to Virginia would receive 50 acres of land.

    The Stronghold | Miriam Haynie
  • One of these grants by Governor Wyatt is the earliest extant form of the headright franchise.

    Mother Earth | W. Stitt Robinson, Jr.
  • Therefore, all persons so listed under the headright claim cannot be considered indentured servants.

    Mother Earth | W. Stitt Robinson, Jr.
  • Governors under the company issued patents based on the headright until dissolution by the crown in 1624.

    Mother Earth | W. Stitt Robinson, Jr.