healing by second intention

noun Surgery, Medicine/Medical.

See under intention(def 6).

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[ in-ten-shuhn ]
/ ɪnˈtɛn ʃən /


Origin of intention

1300–50; Middle English intencio(u)n < Latin intentiōn- (stem of intentiō). See intent2, -ion

SYNONYMS FOR intention

2 goal. Intention, intent, purpose all refer to a wish that one means to carry out. Intention is the general word: His intention is good. Intent is chiefly legal or literary: attack with intent to kill. Purpose implies having a goal or determination to achieve something: Her strong sense of purpose is reflected in her studies.


in·ten·tion·less, adjectivemis·in·ten·tion, nounpre·in·ten·tion, nounsub·in·ten·tion, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for healing by second intention

/ (ɪnˈtɛnʃən) /


a purpose or goal; aimit is his intention to reform
law the resolve or design with which a person does or refrains from doing an act, a necessary ingredient of certain offences
med a natural healing process, as by first intention, in which the edges of a wound cling together with no tissue between, or by second intention, in which the wound edges adhere with granulation tissue
(usually plural) design or purpose with respect to a proposal of marriage (esp in the phrase honourable intentions)
an archaic word for meaning, intentness
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Medicine definitions for healing by second intention (1 of 2)

healing by second intention


Union of two granulating surfaces accompanied by suppuration and delayed closure.secondary adhesion secondary union

Medicine definitions for healing by second intention (2 of 2)

[ ĭn-tĕnshən ]


An aim that guides action.
The process by which or the manner in which a wound heals.

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in•tention•al adj.
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