health officer


  1. an official who administers laws pertaining to health, especially sanitation.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of health officer1

First recorded in 1855–60

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Example Sentences

These dollars pay for public health officers, police patrols and EMTs.

From Time

Griffith’s approach — working closely with the county’s health officer and separating the vaccine effort from reopening plans — mirrors what many school leaders are doing in the Washington region.

Of the 6,700 doses the county expects to receive this week, nearly half will go to first responders and public safety personnel, said James Bridgers, the county’s deputy health officer.

The public health officer of Johnson, the state’s largest county, was so impressed he asked Ginther to share her work with the Board of County Commissioners, even though it’s not yet peer-reviewed or even written up into a paper.

From Vox

Mertz, the county health officer, said she has listened to the state health agency’s suggestions and followed its recommendation guidelines.

In short, system and science might be put at the service of the local health officer, of the traveler, and even of the housewife.

Why does not the health officer take a leaf from this book of recorded good work and show conditions known to him?

Every applicant must have the approval of the local board of health or health officer.

From all I can learn, Merritt has got the goods as a health officer.

He had one brief encounter, on enlistment, with the health officer.





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