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[ hurd ]


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of hear.


  1. perceived by the ear or learned by hearing:

    Linguists have many theories about how we comprehend heard utterances, but less to say about language production.

    Review your notes and add any comments while the heard information is fresh in your memory.

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Other Words From

  • half-heard adjective
  • well-heard adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of heard1

First recorded before 900 heard fordef 1, in 1480–90 heard fordef 2; hear ( def ) + -(e)d 1( def ) for verb sense; hear ( def ) + -(e)d 2( def ) for adjective sense

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Example Sentences

Meanwhile, almost exactly 30 years after the trial, the judge left his home to board a steamboat and was never heard from again.

“I heard Jeffrey was interested in supporting science and I contacted him,” Krauss said.

Have you ever heard any feedback from the CIA/actual spies on Archer?

“I heard them say, ‘He was shot twice,’” the father, Joseph Dossi, remembers.

He no doubt had heard by then that some of the cops had ignored his request and turned their backs.

“Perhaps you do not speak my language,” she said in Urdu, the tongue most frequently heard in Upper India.

I ne'er heard yet that any of these bolder vices wanted less impudence to gainsay what they did, than to perform it first.

I could have sworn I heard a cry, and one of my men spoke in a tone that assured me my imagination had not been playing a trick.

He heard himself saying lightly, though with apparent lack of interest: 'How curious, Lettice, how very odd!

I looked round to see where our help was most wanted, and was about to lead them forward, when I heard the voice of the Alcalde.





hear a pin drop, canHeard and McDonald Islands