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  1. pleasing; gratifying
  2. emotionally moving

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Example Sentences

The show is a fascinating and heart-warming ride with lovable group of characters led by Whitley.

There will be tragic stories and heart-warming stories and everything in between.

The spread could be dismissed as little more than an excuse to run a heart-warming photo of the happy family.

Her win came at the expense of Zvonareva, whose impressions on the New York crowd have not always been equally heart-warming.

But the show is hilarious and heart-warming, genius in its writing, and innovative in its story-telling.

There were nights of wholesome, heart-warming merriment and the singing of old songs.

“Any time you like,” answered Mrs. Danvers, her heart warming to their girlish enthusiasm.

With heart warming to such kindness, and helpless against it, the lad obeyed like a child and was dressed like a child.

She missed it because it was a singularly heart-warming smile.

It was good to have something heart-warming to hope for in a place so poignantly associated with the past.


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