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[ hahrt-wawr-ming ]


  1. gratifying; rewarding; satisfying:

    a heartwarming response to his work.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of heartwarming1

First recorded in 1895–1900; heart + warming ( def )

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Example Sentences

To see the energy on our bench when a kid makes a good play, a hustle play, a great defensive play, it’s heartwarming.

So I got to say that, that whole experience was just so heartwarming and such a light in the midst of a lot of darkness.

From Eater

Besides being hilarious, kind of heartwarming, and kind of creepy all at once, the robots’ new routine is pretty impressive from an engineering standpoint.

Taped at London’s Troubadour Theatre in lieu of a live broadcast, this attempt at the heartwarming tale makes the Grinch’s hatred of song and dance seem reasonable.

Let’s admit it – even if Christmas isn’t exactly your favorite holiday, there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing an entire family dressed up in cute matching holiday pajamas.

Before we get off the phone, Kent stumbles and stammers until finding her footing in a heartwarming anecdote.

When it comes to seamless, even heartwarming, transitions at the anchor desk, NBC and CBS can take lessons from Diane Sawyer.

Ultimately, The Slap becomes something heartwarming amidst the barrage of stinging smacks.

The story of Singh and Patel is a heartwarming one, and perfectly fits into the mold of a fairy-tale Disney sports film.

While the movie is certainly light and heartwarming, with the topic of age also comes death.

Whereupon Von Gerhard, after a moment's stiff surprise, gave vent to one of his heartwarming roars.

She had been feeling neglected and lonely, and this unexpected friendliness was heartwarming.

The men went about their tasks with a dash that was heartwarming.

Surprisingly, it turns out that very few couples have ever done this before, and everyone finds it a heartwarming experience.





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