heat lamp


  1. a lamp fitted with an infrared bulb to supply heat especially as part of physical therapy.

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Example Sentences

With the heat lamps off the air is cool, and on closer examination the Matrigel fluid inside the flasks has begun to separate.

I comfortably strolled around a campsite in 20-degree weather, and I slept like a baby chick under a heat lamp through that night with only a very light 50-degree sleeping bag draped like a blanket on top.

Bailey said he’s already spent hundreds of dollars on heat lamps to place at each outdoor table at Trade and additional television screens and projectors for their outdoor spaces.

It’s a good moment to be selling outdoor heat lamps in the US.

From Quartz

Laura Camerer remembers the food in her college town in Morehead, Kentucky, as “all fried solid as rocks sitting under heat lamps, kind of gray and gristly.”

From Eater

The electric heat lamp is one of the most familiar sources of radiant heat.

Could chicks or pigs receive warmth from a heat lamp without the air in the pens becoming warm?





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