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[ hev-ee-doo-tee, -dyoo- ]


  1. providing an unusual amount of power, durability, etc.:

    heavy-duty machinery; heavy-duty shoes.

  2. very important, impressive, or serious:

    heavy-duty involvement; heavy-duty questions.



  1. made to withstand hard wear, bad weather, etc

    heavy-duty uniforms

  2. subject to high import or export taxes

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Word History and Origins

Origin of heavy-duty1

First recorded in 1910–15

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Example Sentences

Increasing fuel-economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles is, too.

He always brought a heavy-duty hockey duffel with him to work, but he hit the gym more often and toned down.

Two rebel commanders tell Eli Lake they could oust Assad within a month—if the U.S. supplies them with some heavy-duty weapons.

Cover the roasting pan with a fitted top or heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Remove the roasting pan from the heat and carefully cover it with a fitted lid or heavy-duty aluminum foil.

These allowances were no doubt the return of a part or the whole of the very heavy duty then levied on salt.

“Dig out three replacement switches—heavy-duty six-double-oh-B-nines,” said Multhaus.

The elder Dr. Arcot glanced in surprise at the heavy-duty ammeter in a control panel.

Various forms of heavy duty type stationary engines are shown at Fig. 2.

Protruding from a special port was a heavy-duty universal joint with special attachments.





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